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Plan Your Barbiecore Quinceañera with This Guide

Welcome to the world of Barbiecore, a vibrant and playful aesthetic that’s taking the Quinceañera scene by storm. This isn’t your typical Barbie-themed party. Barbiecore […]

July 27, 2023
14 min read

Welcome to the world of Barbiecore, a vibrant and playful aesthetic that’s taking the Quinceañera scene by storm. This isn’t your typical Barbie-themed party. Barbiecore embraces nostalgic pink aesthetic of Barbie while adding modern and edgy elements for an unforgettable event experience.

As reported by Homes & Gardens, this trend has quickly become the talk of the town this summer, garnering widespread praise among celebrities and fashionistas as well as ordinary consumers like us.

We’re here to help you plan an amazing Barbiecore Quinceanera celebration, from finding the ideal Barbie-inspired dress and makeup ideas, all the way through to choosing your perfect makeup that will help make you shine at this celebration!

Think pink Quinceañera makeup ideas with a Barbiecore flair, and other Quinceañera makeup ideas and styles that will make you feel like a star.

We’ll also delve into decorations that will transform your venue into Barbie’s dream house. And we don’t stop there: our mood boards will provide inspiration and help visualize your Barbiecore Quinceañera celebration!

4 hairstyles for quinceaneras in a barbie style Barbie hairstyle to match the look!


As Who What Wear points out, Barbiecore is more than just a trend—it’s a celebration of femininity, glamour, and fun. So, let’s dive in and start planning your Barbiecore Quinceañera.

It’s time to embrace the Barbiecore trend and create a Quinceañera that’s as unique and fabulous as you are!

You’re not just throwing a party; you’re throwing a Barbiecore extravaganza!

Embrace Barbie's Pink Aesthetic for a Blend of Nostalgia and Modernity

The Barbie-Themed Quinceañera Invitation

First things first, let’s talk invites. You’re not just throwing a party; you’re throwing a Barbiecore extravaganza! So, your invites should scream “Barbie” louder than a six-year-old in a toy store.

Use Barbie’s iconic profile and font, which you can find here, and don’t be shy with the pink and glitter. Remember, your invitation is like the movie trailer for your party, so make it as exciting as a roller coaster ride!

Creating a Barbie-Themed Entrance

Now, let’s talk about making an entrance that’s more memorable than that time Aunt Edna fell into the cake at Uncle Carlo’s birthday party.

Picture pink balloons, Barbie accessories, and an Oscars-style red carpet walkway complete with pink balloons and balloon arches adorned with pink or purple balloons for that wow-factor. You could even throw in a bit of blue, purple dress or gold accents for that extra wow factor.

Barbie-Themed Decorations

This enchanting table is adorned with delightful Barbie decorations, bringing the magic of your Quinceanera barbie celebration to life

Next up, let’s transform your venue into Barbie’s dream house. Go all out with decorations in every shade of pink, red lipstick and from pastel to neon.

Throw in some Barbie elements like vintage Barbie dolls and Barbie’s convertible. Remember, your decorations should be as unique and fabulous as you are!

So there you have it, folks! A sneak peek into planning the most epic Barbiecore Quinceañera. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start planning! And remember, in the wise words of Barbie herself, “You can be anything!” So why not be the host of the most epic Quinceañera ever?

Dressing the Part

Alright, let’s talk about the dress. It’s the centerpiece, the showstopper, the “Oh wow, look at her!” moment. You’re going to want something long, puffy, and absolutely fabulous.

Pink is the classic Barbie color, but hey, who says you can’t shake things up a bit? Blue, red, or even a daring purple Quinceañera dress could be just the ticket. Remember, this is your day, your moment. Your best quinceanera makeup and dress should make you feel like the princess you are.

quinceanera barbie themed party portrait Your quince with a barbie theme

Barbie-Inspired Hairstyles for the Quinceañera

Barbie has sported a multitude of hairstyles throughout the years, providing a wealth of inspiration for your Quinceañera. Here are a few ideas:

Classic Barbie Ponytail

This is the quintessential Barbie hairstyle. A high, sleek ponytail with a bit of volume at the crown is a nod to Barbie’s classic look. Add a pink or sparkly hair tie for that extra Barbie touch.

Loose Waves

For a more relaxed yet glamorous look, consider loose, flowing waves. This style exudes a beachy Barbie vibe that’s both elegant and effortless. Use a large barrel curling iron to create soft waves, and finish with a shine spray for that healthy Barbie hair glow.

Barbie Updo

If you’re going for a sophisticated and graceful look, an updo is the way to go. Think of Barbie’s ballerina bun or a chic chignon. You can add a tiara or sparkly hairpins for that princess touch.

Half-Up, Half-Down

This hairstyle gives you the best of both worlds. It pulls hair away from the face while still allowing some locks to flow freely.

You can straighten the hair for a sleek look or curl it for added volume. A Barbie-themed accessory like a pink bow or a pearl clip can add a special touch.

Barbie’s Short Hair

If you have short hair, you can take inspiration from the ’90s Barbie with a bob cut. Straighten your hair and tuck it behind your ears, or add some waves for a playful look. You can also accessorize with a headband or a cute clip.

Remember, your hairstyle should not only fit the Barbie theme and quinceanera dress but also enhance your unique facial features and personal style.

Consult with a professional hairstylist to help you choose the perfect hairstyle for your Barbie-themed Quinceañera. They can provide advice on what will work best with your hair type, face shape, and the overall look you’re aiming for.

Quinceañera Makeup Looks: Embrace the Barbiecore Aesthetic

Quinceanera makeup ideas that embrace the Barbicore trend

When it comes to Quinceañera makeup, the Barbiecore trend offers a plethora of vibrant and exciting options. From soft pink cut creases to bold blue accents, the possibilities are endless. But remember, the best Quinceañera makeup isn’t about following the trend.

It’s about enhancing your natural beauty and complementing your dress and personal style.

According to Klarna, data shows that search results for pink items have seen a significant increase in purchases. Pink mini dresses have seen a 970% increase and pink swimsuits have seen a 682% increase in the past six months. Pinterest also reported that their site has seen a 75% search increase in “Barbie Outfit” [source] So, it’s safe to say, pink is in!

Pink & Glitter

Get ready to shine like a star at your quinceañera with a stunning ‘pretty in pink’ makeup look! expert Claudia Chiu from Sexy Makeup Studio, reveals the secrets to achieving a dazzling and glamorous eye makeup with a touch of glitter. Here in this video Claudia takes you through each step, demonstrating how to add a mesmerizing sparkle to your eyes. Add this fabulous tutorial for your quince barbicore look! Watch the video now and get inspired

Soft Pink Cut Crease:

This is another makeup option that is all about creating a defined crease with a soft pink eyeshadow. It’s a subtle yet glamorous look that’s perfect for a Barbiecore Quinceañera makeup.

Mesmerizing Pink & Rose Gold Eye Look

Discover expert glitter application tips and try out this lovely pink and rose gold eyeshadow look

Get inspired and learn the secrets to perfecting this stunning eye makeup for a truly captivating pink and purple quinceanera makeup. Don’t miss out on more quinceanera makeup ideas.

Quick and Easy Pink Smokey Eye :

Don’t be afraid to experiment with brown smokey eye eyes. You can level up your Barbicore Quinceañera style with a quick and easy pink smokey brown eye shadow. Here is a tutorial to Glow like a true Barbie princess on your special day be ready for your dance recitals and more.

Rose Gold Makeup:

Rose gold makeup is a beautiful and trendy makeup look. It’s a combination of neutral pink lipstick and gold tones makeup that creates a warm and glowing look.


This tutorial below encompasses bronze and ads a barbie hue that we love.

It’s a versatile look that can be dressed up or down depending on your style.


Black Eyeliner:

A black eyeliner can add definition and drama to your makeup look. You can create a winged eyeliner for a more dramatic look or keep it simple with a thin line along the lash line.

Flawless Bright Look:

A flawless bright look is all about creating a radiant and glowing complexion. You can achieve this look with the right foundation, concealer, and highlighter.

Neutral Lipstick:

A neutral lipstick is a great way to get neutral lips to balance out bright colors or a bold eye makeup look. It’s a versatile choice that goes with any makeup look.

Remember, the key to a great quinceanera makeup look is to enhance your natural beauty and complement your dress and personal style. So, consult with a professional makeup artist. They’ll help you achieve the perfect red quinceanera dress and makeup look for your Barbiecore Quinceañera.

As per the article from [Lili’s Creations], your Quinceañera makeup should match your dress subtly. For instance, if you’ve chosen a blue dress, consider neutral colors with a blue accent instead of going all out with blue eyeshadow.

If your dress is red, let it do the talking by choosing more natural browns and bronzes for your eyeshadow and liners. For a slightly bolder look, try pairing your neutral eye makeup with a simple red lipstick.

For a yellow dress, this is a great opportunity to bring in the gold! Bronze eyeshadows with golden tints will help create a flawless bright look. Go naked with neutral lipstick or add a little pizzazz with a stark red.

If you’ve chosen a purple dress, a smokey eye with a dark shade of indigo for accent can bring a level of intensity to purple eye shadow and your look that will leave your guests breathless. A simple gloss or natural lipstick will help keep the focus of blue eye shadow on your eyes while adding its own elegance to your do.

For a pink dress, popular eye makeup colors include browns, grays, and subtle pinks. It’s even an option to mix the three to create a unique color perfect for your chosen shade of pink. Pink lipstick, however, should be accompanied with primarily brown and bronze eye makeup as to not overload the desired look.

Remember, your Quinceañera is all about you! Thus, it’s imperative that all parts of your outfit from your dress to your makeup is perfect.

Barbie-Themed Lighting and Music

Lighting is key as is the right food and drinks for your barbie themed party

Alright, we’ve got the dress, the makeup colors the hair, the makeup. Now, let’s set the mood. Pink lighting and Barbie-themed songs are the way to go.

The right lighting can transform your venue into a Barbie wonderland. And the music? Well, let’s just say, you’ll want to choose songs that will get everyone on the dance floor.

Barbie-Themed Food and Drinks

And last but certainly not least, the food and drinks. No party is complete without them.

Consider pink food and drinks to match the Barbie theme. You could even create a Barbie-themed cake or set up a pink candy bar. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good candy bar?

So, there you have it. Your guide to planning the perfect Barbie-themed Quinceañera. Now, go forth and party like it’s 1959!

Barbie-Themed Activities

Engage your guests with a variety of Barbie-themed activities. A photo booth with Barbie props is a great way to create fun memories. You could also consider interactive moments such as a custom Jenga-style game or a lash and glitter station.

For a truly immersive experience, why not set up a life-sized Mattel-style Barbie box for guests to pose in? It’s all about creating a playful atmosphere that mirrors the Barbiecore aesthetic.

Barbie-Themed Party Favors

Make your guests feel special by sending them home with Barbie-themed party favors. Custom cookies shaped like iconic Barbie images such as mini convertible cars, stilettos, pink lipstick tubes, lips, pink diamonds, or cat-eye sunglasses are a sweet way to end your Quinceañera.

These treats not only serve as a delicious snack but also as a memorable keepsake from your special day.


Decide if it's for you, but we're loving this new trend!

A Barbie-themed Quinceañera is a fantastic way to celebrate your milestone in a unique and fun manner. From the right makeup and dress to the perfect decorations, every detail contributes to creating a day you’ll never forget.

And with the addition of a mood board that encapsulates the entire theme, you’ll have a clear vision to guide your planning process.


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